Extra Squirticular Activities from Shes Gonna Squirt

Miss Cece Stone is hard at work giving some students a little porn ed, and of course they’re giggling, being smartasses, and not paying so much attention. When she starts talking about orgasm, Clover the class clown says he thinks it’s a myth. Now, Miss Stone takes her duty as an educator very seriously, so she takes it upon herself to give Clover a nice hands-on education. She grabs one of her toys and starts rubbing her tight sweey pussy until it squirts all over her stunned student, and Clover can barely believe his eyes! He licks her sweet twat until it squirts even more, and then Cece drops to her knees to oraling on his huge dick. He bangs her sexy pink twat hard and deep until she squirts and gushes all over his hard cock, and then Clover get s a turn to do some squirting of his own all over her sweet face!

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