Take a Seat Because Shes Gonna Squirt

Cali Carter was in her bedroom, trying to unwind after a hard day and rub one out in peace, when her annoying neighbor Manuel Ferrara started making big noise again. She went over to confront him about the racket, but he let her know that he’s an amateur inventor who could use her help field testing his latest invention, a chair with a dildo built in. Cali was so intrigued that she didn’t even hesitate. She pulled off her little nice panties to reveal the nice pink twat underneath, and rode Manuel’s chair until her tasty little tight pussy was dripping wet. Manuel’s invention had made her so horny that she needed a dick in her mouth, and Manuel was happy to oblige, banging her nice face as she grinded on the dildo. Manuel bent her over and banged her tight pussy until she squirted, and then blew a huge load right into her mouth.

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