Take Three For The Team Shes Gonna Squirt

Buttler Scotch, star forward for Tucson, is so confident in his team that he jokes if they lose, the entire opposing team can bang his sexy wife Bonnie Rotten. He doesn’t expect to actually have to follow through, ofcourse, but when a late game upset turns the game into a loss for Tucson, Bonnie decides to make good on her husband s promises. She starts off by blowing their dicks, jerking off two while she deep-throats, and then spreads her sweet legs to have those fat cocks in all of her tight sexy holes. Bonnie goes totally airtight as Mick, Erik, and Toni of the Albequerque Felons bang her face and double penetrate her sexy butt and wet twat. Bonnie loves those huge cocks so much that she squirts all over them, and then takes three facial cumloads with a smile.

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